Swarming, how to experience it yourself

There is a lot to read about swarming, but to feel and see the difference, you should experience it yourself. What is the difference between the existing way of organising and swarming according to the Fit2Swarm approach. What are the benefits and what are the differences?

We created a workshop to experience swarming. During this workshop you will do an exercise both in the traditional way and according to our Fit2Swarm approach. This workshop will take about two and a half hours.

Every time we do the workshop, it leads to a great interactive session, in which the participants experience the differences in an active way themselves. And we can promise, the differences are big, both in fun and in efficiency.

That is why the name of this workshop is: Swarming you need to experience it yourself.

During the workshop we also address briefly what it takes to implement swarming according to the Fit2Swarm approach. And that is in most cases not a lot.

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