Fit2Swarm software

Companies that want to remove the harness of the designed organization, will discover that the existing IT systems are difficult to adjust, and that these adjustments in most cases will be expensive and time consuming.

Fit2swarm offers a simple solution. Is will show only information relevant to an employee and it offers a 100% transparency of the activities for everybody. Fit2swarm can be used as a shell over existing systems. Fit2swarm can be connected to most of the systems supporting activities, whether that will be a financial system, ERP, logistics system, or anything else.

To be able to swarm, you need to have knowledge of the workload. In what part of all the work is the work piling up. When the competent employees know that, they will swarm to that part to deal with it. In case of calamities they can suspend the work (press the red button) in order to get the algorithm adjusted to the needs, or, when that is not possible, have it adjusted at a higher level of complexity. In Fit2swarm we call these algorithms sequences.

All work is controlled by assembling sequences. Sequences are ever unique series, each part of a particular type of process. For example a unique sequence to deliver use value to a customer. In this example a sequence will be identified using the name of the customer, and assembled based on a sample sequence (best practice).

The essence of Fit2swarm is a simple application that consists of two main parts.

The first part is to assemble sequences. The user that is authorized to do so, has a menu option “Sequences”. For more information, please look here.

The second part, where the majority of the users will be working, is to direct the swarm. This is the Swarm menu. For more information, please look here.

It is good to realize that users will only see parts (menu options and activities) for which they have been authorized. In the screen prints on this website we will show the full application all the time.

As Fit2Swarm software is a simple tool. the costs for Fit2swarm are low. We offer sand test/sandbox environment and production environments

There is no minimal contract duration, so you can end at any moment


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